Hawkes Decor

Public Liability & Safety Working Practices.

Hawkes Décor maintains a high standard of compliance within its working practices.

George holds a 100% pass COSHH certificate (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). This is viewable on our Checkatrade account or POA.

The company applies specific RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) working practices dependant on the contractual requirements set by its clients. (e.g.: working at height, external/internal safety procedures etc).

Public liability insurance. Hawkes Décor’s insurance documentation is uploaded and viewable on our Checkatrade account or POA. Insurance can be enhanced for specific client tender specifications. Again this is POA.

Building & Sub Contractors.
Hawkes Décor only uses sub-contractors who carry the appropriate accreditations when carrying out work either directly or indirectly to its clients.

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